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Cataract and Glaucoma Treatment at Westfield Memorial

WMH offers top equipment and procedures for treating fluid and pressure buildup in the eye (glaucoma) and clouding of the lens (cataracts). Without proper care, glaucoma can damage your optic nerve, while cataracts can interfere with vision and daily life.

Board-certified ophthalmologists provide patient care using the latest techniques, with high rates of successful vision preservation and restoration. They treat a large number of people each year, giving them the experience you need. Satisfaction surveys show that people who receive treatment for cataracts and glaucoma at

Cataract treatment

Cataract treatment starts with phacoemulsification, the controlled breaking up and removal of cloudy lenses. WMH features a state-of-the-art Centurion Vision System, which automatically and continuously adapts to changing conditions in the eye.

Your eye doctor then implants a new, manufactured intraocular lens (IOL) after identifying the right option for your needs.

Because of their high satisfaction with the procedure, many people return to WMH when they need a cataract treated in the other eye.

Glaucoma treatment

While special eye drops can relieve eye pressure for many people, some need a procedure for effective treatment. During trabeculectomy, your doctor makes a small hole in the wall (sclera) of the eye, allowing fluid to safely and effectively drain. Relieving pressure slows or stops further loss of vision.

Minimally invasive, combined treatment with iStent®

At WMH, you have access to one of the few eye doctors in the area credentialed to perform a newer glaucoma treatment called iStent®. During micro-Invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), your eye doctor implants a tiny, unnoticeable device just 1 millimeter long. This stent permanently opens blocked eye drains to restore eye fluid flow and relieve pressure.

The procedure is available for those people already undergoing eye lens replacement for a cataract, with both treatments performed in one visit. People also need to have already tried eye medication to treat glaucoma. iStent® may reduce your reliance on glaucoma medication at the discretion of an eye care professional.

Other eye surgeries

Eye doctors at WMH also treat eye muscle disorders collectively called strabismus. They also perform a surgery called blepharoplasty, which can improve the appearance of the eyelids.

All operative procedures at Westfield Memorial Hospital are done on Monday afternoons.

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