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Sleep Lab at Westfield Memorial

For more information: 1-877-256-4904
A good night’s sleep is easy to take for granted, until you can’t get one. Snoring, restlessness, insomnia and excessive fatigue cause ongoing unrest for 40 million people.

We can help, with highly specialized care at our two-bed sleep lab under the medical direction of Dr. Jeffrey P. McGovern.

Sleep studies are performed one night a week, by registered sleep techs.

Obstructive sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is a common condition we evaluate, as it affects up to 22 million of middle-aged adults. People with apnea suffer from fragmented sleep, with common complaints of disrupted sleep and excessive daytime sleepiness. Family members may notice loud snoring. People with the condition may also develop cardiovascular problems because of the repetitive cycles of snoring and airway collapse.

Most people with obstructive apnea are overweight and have a short, thick neck, but some are at recommended weight and have a small, receding jaw. Because many people are not aware of their heavy snoring and nocturnal arousals, obstructive sleep apnea may remain undiagnosed.

Sleep apnea warning signs

Obstructive sleep apnea comes with several warning signs. If you answer “yes” to two or more of these questions, you may be at risk and should ask your doctor to refer you for an evaluation. Do you:

  • Snore heavily?
  • Have high blood pressure?
  • Feel irritable and have trouble sleeping?
  • Have acid reflux disease?
  • Wake up with a headache or sore throat?
  • Suffer from daytime sleepiness or fall asleep at inappropriate times?
  • Stop breathing while asleep, as observed by a partner?

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