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Winter Safety

Staying Safe this winter


Staying Safe this Winter

Winter activities can be fun, but there are also plenty of chores to be done in the yard during the coldest months of the year. When playing or working outdoors this winter, always be sure to take safety into consideration before leaving the house.

First and foremost, be sure to dress for the season. Always wear a warm hat, loose, lightweight layers, gloves or mittens, a water-proof winter coat and a scarf. Use the scarf to cover your mouth in extreme cold to protect your lungs. When working outdoors (whether you’re shoveling the sidewalk or cleaning up the yard after a winter storm) be aware that low temperatures put extra strain on your heart. Heavy exertion in these conditions increases the risk of a heart attack, so take frequent breaks and seek emergency medical attention immediately if you experience any chest pain

When playing outdoors in the winter months, safety must always be a priority. Use the following tips to be sure that a fun day in the snow doesn’t turn sour:

  • Never use roads for sledding.
  • Sled, skate or ski only during daylight hours.
  • Never participate in outdoor activities alone: always be sure there is at least one other person present.
  • Stay away from cracks, seams, slushy areas and any darker areas that may indicate thinner ice on a lake or pond.
  • Pay close attention to posted warnings around skating, sledding and skiing areas. If an area is not approved for your activity, find a location that is.