Keeping Jimmie in the Game With the Right Heart Treatment

We’ve been a part of some great stories about real people with real heart problems getting the help they need and beating the odds. We’d like to share some of them with you.

Jimmie is 54 and a single father of 4 – the youngest of which is still in middle school. He’s also a college football referee and his job requires him to be active.

After his yearly physical, his doctor discovered that Jimmie’s heart was out of rhythm. His doctor recommended a technique called zero fluoroscopy ablation, which can fix the problem without exposing him to radiation. Ever since, Jimmie’s been great.

He’s grateful that AHN was able to provide the right treatment to fix his heart problem. Not only does he get to return to the football field as a referee, he gets to go to his daughter’s middle school basketball games as well.

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