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All services provided through (412) DOCTORS, (412) NURSE-4-U, and 1-844-MD-REFER will be unavailable from July 28th at 4:00 PM to July 29th at 7:00 AM due to scheduled maintenance. To schedule an appointment, call your provider directly or schedule online using MyChart.

Inpatient, Outpatient, and Home-Based Geriatric Care

Inpatient Services

With older-adult patients, it is possible that families and patients can find themselves in a situation where the patient’s health and subsequent quality of life suddenly are placed in jeopardy. The Geriatric Trauma Consultation Program and the Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) are designed to protect older adults in the case of any potential complications while in the hospital.

Geriatric Trauma Consultative Service, offered at Allegheny General Hospital

If you are an older adult and suffer a traumatic injury (such as a fall or motor vehicle collision), AHN’s Geriatric Trauma program is using geriatric-specific protocols to guide older-adult trauma patients and their families through the entire hospitalization process, from initial evaluation to discharge, and provides specialized treatment to ensure the best possible care with the fewest possible complications.

Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP), offered at West Penn Hospital

HELP is a comprehensive care program for hospitalized older patients, designed to fight delirium (acute confusion) and functional decline. The program integrates principles of geriatrics into standard medical and nursing care and ultimately is intended to increase the quality of care and safety for all older adults.

A geriatric consultative service is also provided at West Penn Hospital which is a co-managed program with the goal of identifying geriatric issues and reducing complications that occur during hospitalizations.

Outpatient Practice

Our geriatricians provide primary care in the office setting to assist older adults and help them maintain autonomy and quality of life. We offer a variety of services including annual wellness visits, advance planning, comprehensive assessments of geriatric syndromes, medication management, care coordination, and assessing caregiver needs.

We also provide consultations for patients with geriatric syndromes such as dementia, falls, and delirium. For our consultative service we partner with the primary care doctor to co-manage the care of the older adult.

Geriatric Rehab Unit

The GRU (Geriatric Rehab Unit) works to help with long-term geriatric issues of managing, transitioning, and educating older-adult patients and their families through the process of geriatric care.

Home and Community-Based Services

Home visit program

Allegheny Health Network works closely with many area nursing homes through the Healthcare@Home program. Our geriatricians work as a team with nurse practitioners and physician assistants on-site to address all care needs and ensure ongoing communications with the family and primary care physician.

Community Service

Jefferson Regional Medical Center’s Senior Plus Service is your link to the hundreds of programs and services available to South Hills, Steel Valley, and Mon Valley residents. As a referral network, we assist older adults or their caregivers in matching individual needs to programs and services. We do this with care, concern, and the utmost confidentiality. Our goal is to direct you to the help you need with just one phone call.

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