Renew Your Medicaid and CHIP Benefits

At some point this year, you’ll need to show that you’re still eligible to receive benefits from Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program, also known as CHIP. The good news is that you can complete it in a few easy steps. 

What has changed

Because of the pandemic, the federal government allowed states to continue Medicaid and CHIP coverage regardless of eligibility. This policy ended on March 31, 2023. 

What needs to happen now

Starting April 1, 2023, you must complete a renewal every year. This process ensures that you are eligible to receive Medicaid or CHIP benefits.

Complete your renewal in three simple steps

Step 1

Keep an eye out for your renewal packet. It contains the forms you’ll need to fill out and should arrive in the mail 90 days before your renewal due date.

You can also find out your renewal date by visiting the Pennsylvania COMPASS HHS website or using the MyCOMPASS PA mobile app (see bottom of COMPASS HHS page for app download links). My Compass PA account login.

If you’re a New York resident, read more about your renewal process here: Important Changes to New York Medicaid, Child Health Plus and the Essential Plan.

Step 2

Gather the paperwork you’ll need to help determine if you qualify for Medicaid coverage.

Step 3

Complete and submit your forms and documents. There are three ways to submit your information:

  • Renew online by visiting Pennsylvania COMPASS HHS. If you want to get a head start, you can renew online 60 days before your due date.
  • Complete your renewal over the phone by calling 1-866–550-4355. A rep will help you with your paperwork.
  • Mail your packet to the County Assistance Office using the stamped envelope that’s included. You can also drop it off at any local County Assistance Office.

Make sure everything is completed and submitted by your renewal due date.

If you have questions

 The AHN Financial Advocacy Department may be able to answer your questions.
Call: (855)-493-2500, Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

You can also email your questions to: