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Cancer is the one of those words that can stop you in your tracks. It raises many questions, causes fear and anxiety, and makes every step an effort to move forward.

This is where your Navigation Team can help. This caregiver, who is an important part of your cancer care team, helps answer all your questions, and walks with you through every step of your treatment process.

Working together, your Navigation Team can:

  • Schedule appointments and provide directions and help you coordinate convenient hospital and office visits.
  • Verify that your records are up to date and at the appropriate office prior to each of your visits.
  • Help you to understand your symptoms, treatments, results, as well as clinical studies that may be available for you to participate in.
  • Assist you with insurance and financial aid options.
  • Recommend transportation options for your appointments, overnight accommodations for caregivers, and child-care and cleaning services for your home.
  • Ensure access to clinical partners who can help you manage any pain you might experience and/or assist you with your dietary needs and concerns.
  • Help with your mental-health needs by connecting you with a psychiatrist/psychologist, support groups, and a hospital chaplain.
  • Offer you family support services to help your caregivers with their own health and wellness.
  • Direct you to a genetics counselor and social services representative.
  • Discuss follow-up care details so you understand the process after you’re discharged.

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